Trisus® Healthcare Intelligence sheds light on how individual process variations made during the continuum of care produce different profit margins by medical condition, allowing you to see operational and financial data at a patient level, the way a physician approaches care delivery. The power in that data is the ability to use these insights to drive clinical process improvements that not only maximize clinical outcomes, but also financial performance – providing margin for your mission.

PROJECT: Evaluate Potential Telehealth Partnership

Key Data Challenges

This strategic decision would impact patient access to qualified, experienced physicians. Factors impacting this decision included reducing the burden of distance and location, providing high-quality, cost effective care, and maintaining optimal clinical outcomes.


Trisus Healthcare Intelligence was used to run predictive models on the different options of having an in-house neurologist vs. a Telehealth model.

The strategic decision to implement a Telehealth model resulted in a margin savings of $300,000, representing an 18% cost improvement across the stroke population.