At the heart of our culture is our aim to operate in an ethical way that allows us not only to meet the needs of our stakeholders, but most importantly to have a profound and positive impact on the communities in which we operate and wider society.

Our Purpose is to transform the business of healthcare through the profound impact our solutions deliver, enabling our customers to provide quality care to their communities. This social impact cannot be underestimated.

“In FY23 we delivered well over $1 billion of benefit to our customers from utilising our solutions, helping them stretch their scarce healthcare resources as far as possible.”

This social impact continues within our Craneware Cares program, where our employees lead many efforts in providing time and precious resources to support the causes in their own communities.

As such ESG or sustainability is, and has been, inherently central to the Purpose of The Craneware Group and our Employee Value Proposition. It’s important to note that we, as a software and services provider, operate with a low impact on the environment and where we do create a carbon footprint, we are working diligently to reduce this.

We are also focussed on ensuring that our people practices recognise and reward our employees for their contribution to The Craneware Group’s success and foster an inclusive, equitable, diverse, and ethical culture.

Considering this we have introduced our three ESG Focus Areas of Community, People and Environment and we provide the details of our initiatives and activities within our ESG Statement on pages 34 to 46 of our FY23 Annual Report. Our team have completed, and continue to coordinate and support, great work across these focus areas and we have provided summaries of these extensive activities in our ESG Statement.

Just a few of the highlights of the three Focus Areas are summarised here:


Our software and services solutions benefit society, supporting our customers’ financial stability and sustainability so that they can focus and prioritise patient care and provide healthcare services which benefit their communities. In FY23 our customers have seen significantly in excess of $1 billion benefit from utilising our solutions, helping to stretch scarce healthcare resources as far as possible.

Craneware Cares is driven and led by our employees and forms a central and important part of life at our company; coordinating our approach to charitable giving and community outreach. In total during the year ended 30 June 2023, Craneware contributed $40,706 (FY22: $47,943) to over 30 charities across all of our many fundraising campaigns, employee-led donations and corporate donations.


We have a talented mix of employees from diverse backgrounds, which brings a high level of innovation and collaboration. Our reward practices, working arrangements, learning & development, employee engagement strategies, talent acquisition and wellness focus support our diversity aims and facilitate a culture of high contribution, equality and inclusion.


Although our environmental impact is relatively low and our climate-related risks are not material we still have a part to play, in the global challenge of climate change, by reducing our environmental impact. We have various initiatives in place to reduce emissions and energy use and in supporting environmentally responsible practices.

The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for ESG matters including oversight of climate-related considerations and effective management of any climate-related risks and opportunities, as part of the Board’s responsibilities to monitor any issues which impact strategy, risk management and the operations of the Group.  Our ESG Committee is chaired by Issy Urquhart, an Executive Director of the Company and the Group’s Chief People Officer and the Board maintains oversight of the ESG Committee.

The ESG Committee’s activities continue to evolve as we progress further initiatives in each of the key focus areas, including the oversight of operational measures for reductions in energy use and emissions to enable the reduction in the Company’s environmental impact, aligned to national governments’ net zero emission targets by 2050.  In order to achieve our net zero commitment before 2050 we expect to set a number of targets to be achieved along the way and we aim to define and explain these targets and provide an update on progress in our FY24 Annual Report.

To learn more, please read our Annual Report which you can find in the Reports section of this website or visit the Governance section of this website.