Significant market need

Our customers are facing increasing patient expectations, regulation, competition, pharmacy and staff costs – creating a clear need for solutions to optimise their operational and financial performance.

The move to value-based care needs data insights.

Strong competitive position

No other platform covers the breadth of the Value Cycle – across both operational and financial areas of our customers’ organisations.

No other vendor has our depth of data: collected over more that 20 years. We have operational data sets for >175 million unique patients.

Extensive customer base

We partner with over 12,000 hospitals, clinics and affiliated retail pharmacies, helping to improve and sustain operational and financial performance.

Significant expansion potential as we grow our offerings.

Attractive SaaS business model

  • Profitable & strongly cash generative
  • With high levels of recurring revenue at +90% of group revenue
  • Delivering +$169m annual recurring revenue (ARR)

Having a positive impact on society

Customers have seen in excess of a $1.5 billion annually in targeted benefit from utilising our solutions and many millions of additional dollars in operational efficiencies.

Our Craneware Cares initiatives sees our team provide charitable support to multiple organisations important to them.

Confident outlook

Well positioned for future growth.