Trisus® is the next generation of value cycle innovation

The Craneware Group is the innovative leader for revenue integrity, value cycle solutions and 340B program management helping healthcare providers identify and take action to risks related to revenue, cost, and compliance.

We continue to lead the industry with our next-generation, cloud-based Trisus® platform, designed to be versatile and expandable, growing along with your organization as our healthcare industry continues to evolve. Trisus® provides an environment to gather, process, and deliver data across the continuum of care with an open architecture allowing for synergies between applications. Common components across applications, such as reporting, data import, analytics, workflows, user administration, and more, empower your team to collaborate, become more efficient and productive, and provide better financial outcomes.

The prescriptive analytics provided by Trisus drive your organization’s decision enablement, as a transformation is made from data to meaningful patterns of information to actionable insights. With visibility into the data of your system, you can make better decisions to improve processes, improve financial performance, and experience successes and better outcomes.

Welcome to Trisus and The Craneware Group. Transforming the Business of Healthcare.

Trisus Chargemaster

Trisus Chargemaster is designed with the user in mind, to enhance efficiency in workflow, collaboration, and communication across clinical and financial teams.

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340B Management

Simplify the complexities of pharmacy procurement, utilization and compliance, and capture more with advanced NDC mapping functionality and flexible configuration options that reflect your business processes and 340B program requirements.

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Trisus Healthcare Intelligence

Trisus® Healthcare Intelligence goes beyond traditional cost and accounting tools and provides insights into resource consumption on the patient level. These insights enable hospitals to find best practices through a data-driven approach to enable the organization to maximize financial outcomes for the organization and clinical outcomes for the patient.

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Trisus Medication Analytic Solutions

Prioritize, diagnose, and resolve issues in your medication systems to impact finances, workflow efficiencies, and patient outcomes while mitigating compliance risks.

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Trisus Pricing Transparency

Trisus Pricing Transparency helps you meet the requirements of the rule and go beyond posting prices by providing valuable analytics to monitor market dynamics.

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Trisus Pricing Analyzer

Trisus Pricing Analyzer simplifies and automates the price-modeling process. Your organization can readily assess the potential impact of pricing changes, such as revenue shortfalls or changes in payor contracts.

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Trisus Claims Informatics

Trisus Claims Informatics, a retrospective charge capture analytical application, identifies high-impact areas of risk for your team to investigate.

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Trisus Supply

Align data sets from the item master, chargemaster, and operatory with automated reviews to eliminate disparity which can result in lost or incorrect data and revenue.

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Trisus Supplies Assistant

Trisus Supplies Assistant is Craneware’s proprietary supplies coding search function that delivers HCPCS codes, UNSPSC codes, manufacturer, description, catalog ID, status indicator, reimbursable flag, revenue codes, and other reference information – in a single screen.

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