At The Craneware Group, we passionately believe we can transform the business of healthcare through the profound impact our solutions deliver, enabling our customers to deliver quality care to their communities.

“We have been a favorite partner for forward-thinking U.S. healthcare leaders for nearly 25 years.”

Our longevity is related to our sustainable and holistic approach to growth and innovation enabling us to deliver revenue intelligence, margin and operational intelligence, and 340B management solutions in an unparalleled way.

Our competitive edge is in our keen understanding of value-based incentive payment methodologies and the connectivity of data in our solutions. Our applications and industry-leading team of experts contextualize data, pushing through the challenges of siloed information and confusing operating signals, to provide actionable insights with ease in Trisus, our SaaS-based cloud platform. That is how the future works. We call this the Power of One – one vendor, one platform, one IT lift, one best-in-KLAS experience for our customers.

What else does the Power of One represent? The Craneware Group

  • Partners with more than 2,000 hospitals and health systems and
  • Supports nearly 10,000 clinics and retail pharmacies
  • Impacts half a trillion healthcare dollars
  • Underpins 165 million unique patient encounters
  • Employs 800 people globally
  • Demonstrates sustained competitive positioning with high levels of recurring revenue (+85% of group revenue)
  • Consistently profitable, delivering value to all stakeholders

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