Go Beyond Meeting the CMS Pricing Transparency 2021 Final Rule

With the CMS Pricing Transparency Rule taking effect in January 2021, hospitals and healthcare systems are under pressure to post standard charges and shoppable services online. Additional impacts to meeting the requirements include scrutiny of pricing policies, competition, price rebalancing needs, and pressure on future contract negotiations.

Pricing Transparency Software for US Hospitals

Available at no cost to all US healthcare providers, Trisus Pricing Transparency helps you meet the requirements of the rule and go beyond posting prices by providing valuable analytics to monitor market dynamics. You can gain insights into the search behavior of patients, benchmark across your region or the nation, and proactively manage outliers.

With a few data sets provided by your organization, Craneware will provide minimum, maximum, and average allowable rates, by payor, with recommendations on the 230 hospital-selected shoppable services. Craneware offers a hosting option, providing a user-friendly website for your patients to search services.

Again, this offering is free to every U.S. healthcare provider owning or managing acute care hospitals. Using the exponential power of Trisus, we provide insights you need to make valuable business decisions, inform your overall pricing strategy, monitor patient search behavior, and rebalance pricing strategies to ensure compliance and market competitiveness. That means better outcomes for all.