Establish Defensible, Competitive Pricing

Trisus Pricing Analyzer™, the evolution of our strategic pricing application, ensures prices not only cover costs, but are also defensible, transparent, and competitive. As reimbursements shrink and more costs shift to consumers, the ability to adapt quickly is essential to optimized pricing.

Providing the speed and flexibility needed to adapt to dynamic market conditions, Trisus Pricing Analyzer simplifies and automates the price-modeling process. Your organization can readily assess the potential impact of pricing changes, such as revenue shortfalls or changes in payor contracts.

Pricing Analysis for Transparent, Defensible, and Competitive Pricing

Enabling strategic pricing policies, Trisus Pricing Analyzer integrates data from disparate systems and automatically generates pricing models that factor in regulatory, reimbursement, cost, and market information. You’re then able to:

  • Calculate payor mix and price sensitivity to assess the impact of changes
  • Create and compare multiple pricing scenarios down to the service line, or aggregate to the facility
  • Model from complex payor terms to determine where price changes are most beneficial
  • Measure pricing against current industry benchmarks and competitors
  • Evaluate and adjust pricing based on inflationary factors
  • Provide complete documentation to key stakeholders and auditors

Trisus Pricing Analyzer is supported by Reimbursement Model Maintenance, a team of in-house reimbursement specialists managing the input of complex payor terms into Trisus. This team also manages any changes in your contracts, such as payor modification, additions, adjustments, and removals, managing this aspect of the system for you.

Revenue Analytics Support Service

Revenue Analytics Support Service provides a customer-centric approach that is outcomes oriented for optimal results. Going a step further than implementation, a Craneware Success Manager becomes an embedded and integral team member providing strategic guidance, ongoing adoption of the application, and assurance that key metrics and KPIs are tracked and reported.

Success Managers customize the support to your organizational needs. A quarterly analysis is performed to ensure revenue is tracking with the projected models, and if not, offer guidance on modeling approaches to meet your revenue goals.

Trisus Pricing Analyzer Implementation Services

Craneware Professional Services provides an implementation service ensuring a successful implementation for quick return on investment. This service establishes an effective business process for ongoing software benefits. Our team will assist in establishing the baseline for price modeling and alternative pricing models, onsite training, and reporting that identifies high-opportunity areas, revenue and payor graphs, and recommended processes.

Pricing Consulting Engagement

Craneware also offers a Pricing Analysis Review service for customers who have traditionally outsourced this role in the past. Our pricing consultants perform a comprehensive pricing review using the power of Trisus Pricing Analyzer to establish and compare alternative price models and recommend appropriate pricing for new service lines and departments.

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