Discover a Better Way to Manage your Chargemaster

Trisus® Chargemaster is the next-generation version of The Craneware Group’s automated chargemaster management solution. It is designed with the user in mind, to enhance efficiencies in workflow, collaboration, and communication across clinical and financial teams.

Trisus Chargemaster is also an award-winning solution. Just this year, and for an unprecedented 13th time, The Craneware Group secured top ranking in the Chargemaster Management category of the “Best in KLAS® Awards: Software & Services.”

Trisus Chargemaster provides a comprehensive way to manage the chargemaster (CDM), and helps your team:

  • Increase productivity through automation of key processes
  • Conduct in-depth CDM analysis to optimize revenue
  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Analyze pricing integrity
  • Easily collaborate between clinical and financial areas
  • Access integrated regulatory data and CDM experts

Our goal is to help customers preserve a healthy CDM and protect and optimize revenue. Trisus Chargemaster makes it easy to maintain and sustain a complete, correct, and compliant CDM through increased collaboration and automation of time-consuming activities.

Designed for Collaboration Across Your Organization

Trisus Chargemaster user levels are designed to work the way you do, providing the necessary information and functionality needed and keeping the process simple.

Reference Users, typically billers, coders, and CDM coordinators, need a fast and easy way to access accurate coding and regulatory data. The Reference profile provides comprehensive clinical, coding, financial, and regulatory reference data at the user’s fingertips.

Collaborate functionality offers clinical users, patient access, and revenue integrity, among others, easy access to change request workflows. Collaborate Users can easily view the CDM, request new codes and code changes, and access reference data all without leaving the Trisus Platform. Change request workflows can be customized by department, making the request process even easier for users outside of the CDM management team.

Power Users manage the CDM content as the main part of their daily responsibility. With this functionality, users have access to the full power of Trisus Chargemaster. Dashboards display CDM health, revenue opportunities, compliance issues, and more so the Power User can quickly determine areas of the CDM that need immediate attention. From managing the change request workflow to resolving CDM issues, the Power User has all the tools needed to manage and maintain a complete, correct, and compliant chargemaster.

“I love Chargemaster Toolkit. It is easy to use, and it makes it easy for us to audit things.”


Created to Manage Your Hospital and Professional CDMs

Are you managing both the physician and hospital chargemasters? Trisus Chargemaster is designed to manage both Hospital and Professional CDMs in a single application.

Your team can focus on hospital changes, ensuring all billable services, supplies, and medications are coded and priced correctly to enhance revenue and reduce compliance risks.

When you add the Trisus Chargemaster Professional solution, you will get reference data specific to professional claims, which will also help your team enhance revenue and reduce compliance risks. Trisus Chargemaster Professional performs tailored analysis of your physician CDM including charge rates, CPT®/HCPCS codes, RVUs, fee schedules, and much more.

Data Visibility Configured for Your Organization

As more hospitals move to an enterprise data structure, revenue teams need a comprehensive view of charge data across the system. Trisus Chargemaster can be configured to fit your organization’s needs for data visibility.

Discovery View provides a single, clear, concise view of all CDM data for multiple facilities, payors, and services lines. This view gives your team the ability to view and filter by location/service line, volume, cost center, revenue and usage, and fee schedules across the enterprise.

Corporate View standardizes and maintains files across disparate billing systems for healthcare organizations that use multiple patient accounting systems (PAS). With a standard view you can ensure consistent, accurate pricing and coding for all chargemaster data.

The Most Current, Accurate, and Relevant Reference Data for Your Team

Trisus Chargemaster includes Trisus Reference, giving you access to a one-stop-shop for the most current, accurate, and relevant clinical, coding, financial, and regulatory data in the industry. Supported by our dedicated team of data experts, Trisus Reference strives to deliver reference data specific to your needs.

Trisus Reference integrates your specialty coding resources into one tool for a seamless research experience. Medical Necessity and ABN Checker functions, as well as our new OPPS calculator help your team save valuable time. CPT Assistant is a fully integrated component of Trisus Reference, providing instant, direct access to all prior references and CPT manual information when additional research is needed.

Integration with Your Patient Accounting and Electronic Health Record Systems

Chargemaster data residing in other systems can be at risk when data must be manually transferred back and forth from the patient financial system and the CDM.

Trisus can be configured to meet your specific needs for integration, ensuring quick, secure, and error-free transfer of CDM changes and edits to your financial system.

The Craneware Group has experience successfully integrating with more than 30 different patient accounting systems, including Epic, Cerner, and MEDITECH.

Our Goal is a Smooth Implementation with Your Organization

The Craneware Group’s team of passionate professionals will work with you and your team to provide a smooth implementation process that delivers a quick return on investment. Taking a consultative approach, our team assists with implementation project planning, user training, and business process design that will provide ongoing benefits from using the Trisus Platform.