Combining the Benefits of Centralized Purchasing with the Power of Sentinel®

At large health systems, pharmacy supply chains can be incredibly expensive, complex, and difficult to manage. Implementing a centralized inventory management system to self-distribute pharmaceutical drugs to multiple locations is a great way to reduce costs, negotiate better contracts, reduce inventory waste, and create a standard system-wide formulary. However, this model presents problems for 340B covered entities in terms of benefit capture, compliance risk, and labor costs. Until now.

Central Pharmacy Distribution (CPD)® is a centralized purchasing application that addresses these challenges. It connects 340B and non-340B drug distributions across all sites within your organization to fulfill a single inventory and adhere to 340B compliance requirements.

Central Pharmacy Distribution combines the purchasing power of a large health system with the 340B benefits available to safety-net hospitals and clinics, allowing your health system to realize the full benefits of central inventory management.

How Central Pharmacy Distribution Works

  • Connects the drug distributions to all 340B and non-340B sites in your system, integrating to a single procurement process
  • Manages full replenishment of the distribution center with a central neutral inventory that works with both 340B and non-340B entities
  • Facilitates the proper replenishment based on each site’s opportunity and generates orders based on distribution activity

Resolve the Challenges of Central Distribution and 340B

  • Benefit Capture: Replenish against each 340B site’s opportunity based on their utilization
  • Compliance Risk: Unlock fully compliant WAC, 340B and GPO purchasing through central distribution center”
  • Labor Costs: Reduced billing efforts to each hospital at month end