What is Trisus Chargemaster?

Trisus Chargemaster is Craneware’s next evolution of Chargemaster Toolkit that incorporates a web-based component, while also integrating CDM data between Craneware applications. Upgrading to Trisus Chargemaster allows complete web-based access to your chargemasters. This new app is designed with the user in mind providing dashboards, integrated reference data, a complete change request system, CDM maintenance, and data integration including merge – all within one solution. The optimization Trisus Chargemaster provides will save time and improve performance and collaboration across your organization to keep your chargemaster complete, correct, and compliant.

What do I need to do?

On the morning of the upgrade date stated in your email, we will be activating Trisus Chargemaster for your facility. This upgrade requires a one-time data processing step. Please make sure to open Chargemaster Toolkit on the date of your upgrade. Craneware Support will be standing by to ensure the data processing upgrade completes successfully. We will be monitoring the upgrade on our side as well and will reach out proactively if we see any issues with the data processing step.

  • Open Chargemaster Toolkit. A pop-up window will appear stating that the software will be performing a “Conversion Process”.
  • Click the “Convert Now” button to begin the process.
  • Data begins syncing from your local repository to the Trisus Platform.
  • This step should take between 5 and 20 minutes. Users will be unable to log in during this quick conversion step.
  • If the Conversion takes longer than 20 minutes, please contact Craneware Support at [email protected].

Once the data conversion completes, you will have immediate access to begin using Trisus Chargemaster. After the conversion, every time Chargemaster Toolkit is launched, it will open data from and save data to Trisus Chargemaster rather than the current network location. Your chargemaster data and user management profiles will continue to sync to Trisus Chargemaster with each save.

What if I need to schedule the conversion for another day?

It is important for the conversion process to take place to receive your upgrade to Trisus Chargemaster. However, if you need to schedule a different day for the conversion, please complete this form so we can work with you and find another date.

Where can I learn more about Trisus Chargemaster?

On-demand training courses have been created and are available in Craneware Academy, which you can access by logging in to Trisus or Online Reference Toolkit. Once you have accessed the Academy, search for Trisus Chargemaster and select the course titled “TCHG-101”.

You can also download a Frequently Asked Questions document providing more details on Trisus Chargemaster.