Healthcare Challenges with Reimbursement, Cost, and Margin

The current healthcare market in the US is full of increased mergers and acquisitions, system expansions, sequestration of federal and state funding of Medicare and Medicaid programs, global capitation and bundled care products, consumer pressure for price transparency, and more integrated delivery and finance systems. Knowing the true cost of care, and the margins after reimbursement, is imperative for hospitals to streamline care, reduce costs, increase margins, and improve the outcomes of the care provided to the patient.

Trisus® Healthcare Intelligence goes beyond traditional cost and accounting tools and provides insights into resource consumption on the patient level. These insights enable hospitals to find best practices through a data-driven approach to enable the organization to maximize financial outcomes for the organization and clinical outcomes for the patient.

Track the Patient Journey

Trisus Healthcare Intelligence enables healthcare providers to track the journey of the patient experience from a financial and operational perspective to understand the critical components of resource consumption and expenses across the entire episode of care. Understanding the cost and margin across departments and medical conditions is essential to revealing cost saving opportunities. With powerful visuals, the interactive, dynamic visualizations allow refinement of searches to uncover areas of opportunity and initiate process improvement projects.

Using operational information, combined with an Activity-Based Costing methodology, Trisus Healthcare Intelligence provides insights to drive process improvements to maximize clinical and financial outcomes in the following areas:

Implementation Made Easy

Craneware professionals provide an implementation service for Trisus Healthcare Intelligence ensuring a quick return on investment with ongoing benefits through expert consultation. Our experienced business architects create the data extracts and query scripting specifically for your organization. The data needed for actionable insights is easily retrieved and integrated into the intelligence software so your team easily creates the data visualizations needed to meet your business goals.

The Trisus Healthcare Intelligence team also manages monthly data processing, data modeling, and provision of reports providing an easy-to-use application accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere.