[Deerfield Beach, February 14, 2024] – The Craneware Group, a global leader in business of healthcare solutions, proudly announces its continued positive and top echelon performance in the latest KLAS rankings, narrowly placing second in the Chargemaster category and fourth in the 340B category. This year’s rankings mark the 17th year that The Craneware Group has placed as a top vendor in these solution spaces, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to excellence in the business of healthcare.

Each year, KLAS Research conducts rigorous evaluations, drawing upon customer feedback, industry insights, and robust research methodologies to identify top performers across various healthcare technology segments. The Craneware Group rankings in 2024 again reaffirm its status as an industry leader and reflect its ongoing commitment to excellence.

"We have our customers to thank for the improvement reported in KLAS this year regarding innovation and the delivery of the Trisus® platform. We are immensely proud of our impact on improving the business of healthcare over the past 25 years, consistently ranking among the top software vendors for chargemaster and 340B solutions," remarked Keith Neilson, CEO of The Craneware Group. "Year after year, our customers tell us that we are their partner for success today and in the future.”

Shared with KLAS:

  • “I like that I can just have everything I need at my fingertips. Trisus Chargemaster is a robust system. With the new platform, of course, all the data interchanges between the different systems, so the product helps save time I would have spent loading data into many different systems. The product is on the cloud, so I might load data into one of the products, but the data can be utilized on several different products.” – Manager, December 2023
  • “The Craneware Group is really good about proactivity. Anytime there is an issue, I generally see an update before I know there is an issue. [The] Craneware Group is doing a good job helping us navigate the issue of drug manufacturer restrictions. As a result of the constantly changing restriction landscape, Craneware has developed new tools and added additional notifications to make it easier and faster for us to respond. We are able to manage exclusions ourselves along with their assistance when we need it. Our account manager does an excellent job answering questions and getting information to us.” - 340B Manager, January 2024
  • “We have recurring touchpoints with the vendor because we are always doing something different. The Craneware Group has staff members dedicated to our health system who know how to work with us, what our data is doing, and how to expect our data. The vendor has upped their game because they don't switch project managers on us all the time or switch staff members around. We have a core team that we know we can go to. The Craneware Group has worked well with us. They have helped us expand to users on our periphery and extend similar services and pricing to them. The vendor has been very collaborative with us and our goals.” -Director, January 2024

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About The Craneware Group

The Craneware Group (AIM:CRW.L), the market leader in automated value cycle solutions, including 340B management, collaborates with U.S. healthcare providers to plan, execute, and monitor operational and financial performance so they can continue to deliver quality care to their communities. Customers choose The Craneware Group’s Trisus data and applications platform as their key to navigating the journey to financially sustainable value-based care. Trisus combines revenue integrity, cost management, 340B performance, and decision enablement into a single, SaaS-based platform. The Craneware Group – transforming the business of healthcare. Learn more at www.thecranewaregroup.com.


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