ATLANTA, March 27, 2023 - The Craneware Group (AIM: CRW.L), the healthcare market leader in automated value cycle solutions, today publicly announces it supports and underwrites the advocacy group 340B Matters.

In 2016, guided by a concern for the future of the 340B program, Sentry Data Systems, now The Craneware Group, launched 340B Matters. The core mission of the advocacy group is to protect the vital drug discount program from corporate entities aiming to severely restrict access to reduced cost outpatient medications for nonprofit healthcare organizations. Known for candidly and without reservation tackling drug manufacturers that lobby for their own profits, 340B Matters also shines a light on pharma’s tendencies to AstroTurf struggling healthcare organizations, spreading false narratives and pitting safety-net providers against each other in a near-constant attempt to degrade the benefits of the 340B program. Under the slogan, we support patients over profits, the advocacy group lends a voice to all safety-net hospitals that provide accessible and affordable care to their most vulnerable populations.

“The Craneware Group, in stepping forward as the power behind 340BMatters, is demonstrating our continued and unwavering commitment to being more than just a revenue intelligence and 340B performance partner. We are committed to transforming the business of healthcare with our customers, closely engaging with them to achieve operational and financial goals that make healthcare more accessible and affordable for more people; including advocacy efforts to support safety-net providers and their mission to serve the unmet need in their communities.” - Keith Neilson, CEO

At this year’s 340B Coalition Winter Conference, The Craneware Group’s Senior Vice President of Industry Relations and author of the award-winning 340Buzz, Lisa M. Scholz, PharmD, MBA, FACHE, will present on opportunities to strengthen 340B performance and compliance. Conference attendees can visit booth number 409 to learn more about 340B Matters and sign up for the 340B Matters newsletter. They can also stay abreast of the latest developments by following 340B Matters on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

About The Craneware Group

The Craneware Group (AIM:CRW.L), the market leader in automated value cycle solutions, including 340B management, collaborates with U.S. healthcare providers to plan, execute, and monitor operational and financial performance so they can continue to deliver quality care to their communities. Customers choose The Craneware Group’s Trisus data and applications platform as their key to navigating the journey to financially sustainable value-based care. Trisus combines revenue integrity, cost management, 340B performance, and decision enablement into a single, SaaS-based platform. Trisus Chargemaster secured top ranking in the Chargemaster Management category of the "2023 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services" and is part of an extensive value cycle management suite. The Craneware Group – transforming the business of healthcare. Learn more at

About 340B Matters

340B Matters is an informational campaign that seeks to protect the 340B program for the nonprofit healthcare facilities and patients who benefit from it. 340B Matters is supported and underwritten by Sentry Data Systems, now The Craneware Group.


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