Hospitals have their plates full trying to manage their inventories of drugs and medical supplies and ensuring that everything they use in patient care is correctly coded and billed. There are many factors to track, including the constant updates to CPT and HCPCS codes, billing units and modifiers, GTIN numbers, fee schedules and pricing data from payors, and CMS coding regulations.

The stakes are high. If you don’t properly account for every product in your pharmacy formulary or item master, or you fail to keep your chargemaster up to date, your reimbursement is at risk — something no hospital can afford in today’s challenging operating environment.

Our Trisus® Data Integrity Suite of applications can help.

Trisus is our cloud-based platform that harnesses data from a broad array of sources, refines it, and runs predictive, prescriptive and root-cause analytics to identify problem sources and generate useful insights. Users can then build effective strategies related to revenue, pricing, cost, and compliance to mitigate costs, while streamlining cumbersome manual workflow challenges.

The Trisus Data Integrity Suite combines the following complementary applications into a powerful and cohesive solution:

  • Trisus Chargemaster — Our Best-in-KLAS® award-winning application helps ensure your hospital chargemaster is complete and accurate, highlighting opportunities to gain more revenue. It provides an automated CDM review with every data merge and after every update, creates a real-time audit trail, and offers advanced workflow and change requests as well as revenue and usage analytics.
  • Trisus Reference — A continuously updated guide to third-party clinical, financial, and regulatory information from sources including CMS, FDA, the American Medical Association, and the American Hospital Association to boost compliance and prevent revenue loss.
  • Trisus Supply — This application ensures item master completeness and accuracy, tying the correct charge codes to billable supplies. It provides instant visibility into item master supply costs against set prices in the charge description master (CDM) to support pricing policy decisions. It also shows your last purchased costs against the item master costs.
  • Trisus Supplies Assistant — This is our time-saving application that provides coding recommendations for implants and devices and other supply records.
  • Trisus Medication Formulary — Finds NDCs you have purchased but are missing from your formulary or chargemaster, and verifies the accuracy of NDC or HCPCS mapping, the billing units, or multipliers. You can also use this to reconcile purchase or charge volume with prices, ensure purchase or charging compliance to the NDC, and identify coding errors by cost to prioritize the highest-value tasks.
  • Professional Services and Support — Trisus Data Integrity includes access to the subject matter expertise of The Craneware Group to provide strategic consulting and chargemaster, item master and formulary reviews.

Trisus Data Integrity helps hospitals align data between the supply chain, operating units, and revenue cycle department. It helps hospitals identify supplies they have purchased but are not yet contained in the chargemaster, item master, formulary, or OR supply system, highlighting disparities between purchased and billed medications and supplies, and it finds areas where you may be missing out on potential reimbursement.

This software suite has demonstrated proven results for customers. One independent, nonprofit hospital used it to increase the validity of more than 12,000 CDM line items from 36% to nearly 100% by identifying CPT and HCPCS codes across multiple payors, procedures, and departments. The changes netted the hospital an annualized increase of $1.3 million in revenue.

Find out what the Trisus Data Integrity Suite can do for your organization by dropping us a line today.