Trisus® Healthcare Intelligence sheds light on how individual process variations made during the continuum of care produce different profit margins by medical condition, allowing you to see operational and financial data at a patient level, the way a physician approaches care delivery. The power in that data is the ability to use these insights to drive clinical process improvements that not only maximize clinical outcomes, but also financial performance – providing margin for your mission.

PROJECT: Identify trends in orthopedics supplies cost increases

Key Data Challenges

Supply chain costs are some of the most signicant expenses for a healthcare organization. Challenges surrounding supply chain management include: data shortages, lack of integration, weak charge capture processes, variation in physician preferences and practices, and hidden costs in contracts negotiated without the support of data.


Using detailed supply reports from Trisus Healthcare Intelligence to build an accurate and informed current state map, the organization skillfully renegotiated contracts using data and instituted cross-functional processes to reduce variation in physician practice.

These efforts represent a cost savings opportunity of approximately $85,000, specifically a 15% cost savings across shoulder replacement surgeries. This process is expected to further savings as additional surgical areas are evaluated.