February 6, 2023, Trisus Decision Support

Between the pandemic, supply chain interruptions, and now inflation, it is ever more difficult to maintain positive margins. Furthermore, competitive pressures and adapting to value-based care initiatives requires providers to have sound strategies to reduce costs, increase revenues, and optimize care. 

But how? 

Leading healthcare providers are relying on independent solutions to accumulate their data and use it to make strategic decisions to advance their cause. Some have created their own solutions in-house while others have relied on a solution from a third-party vendor. So how does one decide?

Criteria for a decision support system

Critical for selecting the right decision support solution for your organization are specific criteria that everyone should consider. First, if you decide to create an in-house solution, have you considered the long-term costs to do so? Not only the development, but the resources needed to add updates, limit cybersecurity risks, and the lost opportunities that correspond to tying up your internal resources. Secondly, does your solution utilize activity-based costing to ensure you have access to your true costs?

Download our white paper to see what other criteria are relevant when making such a weighty decision.