March 3, 2023, 340B program

The federal 340B discount drug program is a cornerstone of our healthcare safety net, supporting access to critical care and services for vulnerable patients. But on the heels of turning 30, it’s under scrutiny as perhaps never before.

Increased attention and antagonism from the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy benefit managers, the media, and Congress underlines the importance of running a successful and compliant 340B program at your hospital or health system.

It’s not enough simply to implement a software solution to split drug orders and assure compliance. You need to be proactive in monitoring your 340B program and transparent in sharing its successes, changes, and challenges with hospital leadership, since your program supports initiatives and departments outside your pharmacy.

Our new eBook, “The 5 Key Components of a Successful and Sustainable 340B Program,” offers quick tips on how to set your program up for success, including:

  • How to structure an effective 340B steering committee
  • How to set up a 340B scorecard
  • How to set up mock audits to ensure compliance

Download a copy of the eBook here.